The Pawse mobile app is an IOS app that connects stressed students to Pawse official therapy dogs on campus. This project was a collaborative project, links to their work is at the bottom of this page. 

We centered our app around location, allowing users to find dogs near them on campus and follow some of their favorites. Through Cook Counseling, the on campus counseling center, Pawse is an initiative to bring therapy dogs to students who are in desperate need of stress relief. We incorporated dog scheduling features for events, social followings and profiles for each therapy dog in the Pawse program, and opportunities for students to interact with dogs and their volunteers any day throughout the semester. We included a matching system to connect dogs to their desired students, to better help the relationships between dog and student and to make the process as low-stress as possible.

Artboard 1 copy 2.png


When beginning our preliminary research on our Pawse app, we decided to interview members of our target audience, ask questionnaires, and send out surveys. We reached about 57 people in our prefered age range, and received specific and extensive feedback. From the feedback received, we used affinity diagramming to determine our major themes and ideas and most popular feedback from our audience. Our major themes were:

  • students are highly stressed
  • have a low support system
  • interested in dogs
  • interested in accessibility of dogs on campus
  • think a therapy dog could help their stress levels

Using the app Prototype, we determined usability and the flow of Pawse using sketches and received feedback from outside testers tasked with one goal when interacting with the app.