I'm back on the sewing machine. I'm back with fluffy fabric all over my living room and studio, and this time I've added...POLYPLASTIC BEADS. *gasp* Yeah. The beads are everywhere- It's a very good thing I don't have small children or free roaming pets around. 

I digress, the Monster Box is a little bit of me. I love to draw little monsters and I love surprises and I love boxes. So here you have it. Want one? Let me know.



I am constantly drawing little monsters; and I've only recently starting drawing monsters that you can actually cuddle. I will probably always start with doodling out a few ideas for a plush and then head to the machine. Sometimes they come out quite a bit different than the drawing, but it all stems from the same place. There's something about the chaos of a workspace filled with material that really amps me up.