The monster kit includes: Calvin; your very own monster pal, binoculars, monster munch, an explorer's T-shirt, and a carrying pack complete with a window (and breathing holes) for Calvin.

This monster companion kit is a handsewn set. I have the needle scars as a reminder. Having never sewn previously, of course the first step is a backpack and plush toy. I researched for weeks on how I would construct the elements I wanted. 

I wanted all of the elements to be cohesive across textiles and graphic elements. I spent more time in the local fabric store that month than any other place. My living room was covered in furs and scraps and my roommates thought I was going mad.

Check out the process (and struggles of an amateur seamstress) here.




I wanted to make a plush. One of my past professors really inspired me to create this guy. He was constantly encouraging me to make a physical version of my illustrations. That manifested into Calvin. This was particularly challenging for me as I am not an experienced sewer. It was a bit frustrating at times especially with the fluffy fabric. I did a combination of machine and hand sewing for him. I prototyped him in paper and I would definitely never do that again. I am overall happy with how he came out, though being my first attempt, there is much room for improvement of craft and form as well. CREATING CALVIN I sewed him with a heart inside that I held to make warm and gave a little kiss before I sewed him up. I stole that idea from build-a-bear, but it definitely makes him feel really special to me as weird as it might be. Half way through sewing Calvin, I began to create an illustrated version of him as well. I ended up redesigning all of my objects in order to include Calvin on all of them, and thus the kit became “Calvin’s Monster Watching Kit.” PS. I have lots of tiny pin sized battle wounds in my fingers.