Blacksburg Bagels is a local bakery that sells its products to local businesses and at the Blacksburg Farmers Market. The bagels are hand made using traditional methods. The bagel makers make all their products by hand. The original brand is most recognizable by its color scheme. Because of this I kept a nearly identical palette. The colors reflect the old logo with a modern and playful facelift. The biggest consideration in this brand redesign was the tone. The original branding was a bit bland with no voice. With the use of brighter colors and playful imagery, the bagel purchase interaction becomes just a bit more exciting (as if bagels needed any help being exciting.)

The adoption of this redesign would increase brand recognizability. Because of this, there would be greater customer return for purchases. With the addition of a single stream website, it would be easier to navigate and provide a better experience. This would increase traffic and return visits for future needs involving the company.

Blacksburg Bagels Book_Page_04.png