Alchemy is a craft beer with bottle design and crafted brand. The inspiration for the brand comes from alchemy and alchemical symbolism. I created a custom typeface based on a student project I found. I built a diagonal grid and formed each letter individually. 

This project allowed me to dive deeply into physical and material explorations and experimentation. I got messy with different label adhesives and spray materials. I tested mattes versus glosses. This is probably the most fun I've ever had with a project. 

Check out the in depth process here.


I went through quite a few typefaces in the initial phases. I settled on a combination of the custom made type I had been working on and a condensed sans serif along with a funky little font for balance between the two. 

The “ALCHEMY” lettering was a lot of fun to make. I got the idea from a project I found online of someone who was creating a constellation typeface. I thought it was really cool, but lacked a solid grid. I created a grid and reworked all of the letters in the set. I really appreciated the original project and was happy with how my version came out. I made so many versions of these bottles. If I put them all in here, this page might be millions of pixels long of just bottles. I like seeing them all together, though. It makes me want to sing “99 bottles of beer on the wall.”